How to change Apple Watch Band

Knowing how to change your Apple Watch band is essential if you want it to be able to match your personal style. Not only being exclusively you, owing to Apple’s watch band swapping engineering your Apple watch can adjust to complement any occasion! You can put on a burberry band when out to lunch, swap in a silicone band for any session at the gym, and wear a comfy nylon band when you dash to catch your flight.

Thankfully swapping Apple Watch bands is simple and we have come up with this informative guide to walk you through the 4 actions you will need to carry out so that you can provide your watch a completely new appearance.

The problem: the Apple Watch doesn’t make use of a regular watch strap. Where various other smart watches will take any 22mm band, the Apple Watch utilizes a unique system that requires customized add-ons. Which is typical for Apple, quite simply.

This informative guide will show you the best way to replace the strap on any kind of the Apple Watch since the 3 versions to date make use of the exact same bands and method.

The 1st step: How To Remove The Apple Watch Band
how to remove apple watch band

It’s really a amazingly easy process. You do not need any tools, and you may remove the strap within a minute.

To begin with, turn your Watch over. Towards the top and base of the back, you will see 2 of small buttons, seated flush with the outer shell.

how to change band on apple watch

Pushing one in relieves the strap on that side (you don’t need to try and push the two simultaneously). As soon as depressed, you can just slip that section of the band out – it that easy.

watch band sliding off

Second step: Selecting a strap
wooden apple watch band

It is essential to keep in mind when choosing a brand new Apple Watch band is the fact that there are various styles for your 42mm & 38mm watch dimensions.

The first impulse could be to go to the Apple Store. Certainly, there is a lot of recognized Apple Watch styles, and they are generally guaranteed to be extremely well crafted.

Nevertheless, they actually are not inexpensive. The entry level silicone Sports Strap cost in excess of $49 (£39, AU$79): this is just for a bit of silicone with a number of pieces of metal fixed in it.

Prices only increase after that, to approximately $149 (£129, AU$229) for that notorious, polarising Milanese Loop band, hiking right up to $449 (£379, AU$679) for that stainlesss steel link strap.

how to take off apple watch band

If you dont live in a mansion, then maybe it’s time for you to buying 3rd party Apple watch band. In spite of being a amazing system, there are plenty of Apple Watch straps on the market.

Third step: How to use a regular watch band

how to switch apple watch bands

Possess a watch band you like the appearance of? Certainly you may use standard-design watch straps with the aid of an adapter. They are simply bungs that connect into Apple’s unique system, offering an external loop you connect your regular watch strap to.

There are some various styles on the market, however. Olixar makes an adapter utilizing small screws to help keep the external loop in position, whilst the Click Polymer one which utilizes a telescopic band insert which you may discover a little more adaptable. Take a look, see which you like.

These types of adapters take 22mm straps, the conventional size for ‘male’ or unisex watches.

click apple watch band adapter

Fourth step: Installing your band

how to take apple watch band off


Now that we got our substitute band, you’re ready to install it. It could not get easier.

You simply glide it in until it clicks, which will be the attachment portion in the band clicking into position in the watch. So how exactly does it function? The contrary of how you might presume. The Apple Watch utilizes a permanent magnetic fastening process, in which a metal aspect in the strap is attracted into an indent within the watch.

Pushing the button on the Apple Watch’s rear forces this small metallic part out once again, allowing you to remove the watch band.

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